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 Organic Compost

Organic Compost consists of 100% recycled plant material. It helps modify and stabilize your soils pH. Organic Compost provides a natural slow release nutrient source. It also improves your soils ability to retain water and provides erosion control by establishing strong root growth.



Topsoil consists of screened topsoil, sand, pine bark fines, and 10% turkey compost. Some general uses for topsoil include: soil amendments, soil leveler, and sod & turfgrass seed installation base.

Fill Dirt

Fill Dirt/Sand

Fill Dirt/Sand is an affordable alternative to topsoil when the intended use is for leveling ground depressions, filling in holes and building up low lying areas. Fill Dirt/Sand has little to no nutritive value. If you are considering its use for planting material, you may have to have it amended with a topsoil or an organic compost.

White Mortar Sand  

White Mortar Sand

White Mortar Sand is not the same as Fill Dirt/Sand. It is very "clean" with virtually no debris. White Mortar Sand is commonly used as an additive to cement, on golf courses as bunker sand, on beach volleyball courts and in sandboxes.

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